Best Single Cup Coffee Systems

When you want one of the best single cup coffee systems for your home or place of employment, there are several aspects you should look at before you buy. First of all, is there a place for the machine? Even if these machines are compact and fit easily onto any counter space, you’ll want an area where both the cup and the machine can be out of reach so there are no accidental grabs from young hands.

Next consider how many cups you want at once. Even though the term single is used, many of these machines are capable of producing two smaller cups of coffee or one overly large one. Since most standard coffee cups only hold 8 ounces and the machines are capable of making almost twice that, you’ll get two cups per serving. If that’s important to you, just check the capacity first.

Finally, understand that not all of the machines will accept regular coffee grounds in a reusable filter. Some of the best single cup coffee systems mean you’ll have to buy pods in order to have your coffee. There isn’t a one way is best in the debate over a reusable filter versus the pods. With either one, you’re bound to have a great way to get your morning started. The best single cup coffee systems aren’t expensive to purchase. Buy one for your home that uses either pods or the reusable filter and an opposite one for your office. Give them both a try and see which one you prefer.

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