Single Cup Coffee Pods

What are single cup coffee pods? These are coffee beans that are already contained in a filter. If you’re not familiar with what these are, picture a tea bag. These pods are patterned after a tea bag but vary in size, price and of course, flavor.

One of the reasons they were invented is because of convenience. With the single cup coffee pods, there are no more grounds to measure out, no wiping up spilled grounds and no more chance of any loose dregs ending up in your morning brew. All you have to do is drop the pod in and your coffee is ready to be made.

You can even find these pods in an organic blend like you’ll enjoy with the Newman’s Own Keurig single serving box. If you prefer your coffee to have a little more of a sweet taste, you can get a box of Timothy’s World in French Vanilla and it comes in a 25 count box of two, which means you get a total of 50 in all.

You can also find single cup coffee pods in boxes containing a variety of blends, so that if you can’t settle on one flavor, take several and give them each a try. This is perfect for a family where each member may have different tastes in coffee flavors, too.

Single cup coffee pods have been on the market for awhile and are still widely popular because of the range of flavors. You can find great gourmet pods and they’re easily transportable without a mess.

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